First of all I want to thank the Royal Dornoch Golf Club staff and especially Mr. John Duncan who gave me the authorization to do this design and brought me many encouragements and kind advices.

 A golf course is not only a piece of land, but depends mostly on the people who take care of it and of the players, and I can say that they are full part of the spirit and beauty of that unique place.

 Thanks to Mike Jones for his bunker sod wall texture made from the front left corner bunker of the 10th. Thanks also for all his skills, samples and tutorials, just playing his courses is a great lesson.

 Thanks to all Links designers for the inspiration they gave me. Making some decent courses is my way to give them all the tribute they deserve.

 Many thanks to the testers : Stewart, Jerry , Pete, Steve, Adam, Noah, Robert, André. Their accurate eyes pointed some important lacks of the design, and I sure had never reached that level of quality without them.

 A very special thank to my beloved wife, Sylvie, who, for 2 years, saw only my back in front of my PC more times than it is decent and bore my despair crisis when I faced some APCD bugs or crashes. I’m not sure she loves so much cyber-Dornoch, but she sure wants to see the real thing by herself, if life permits…